Pharma Awards 2022

We are delighted to announce that our Digital Maturity and Sustainability Leadership Programme has been shortlisted for the Pharma Education & Training Award at this year's Pharma Awards. 

Recognising Excellence in the Pharma Industry

Celebrating 8 years of recognising and celebrating the most original and innovative individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence in the Pharma Industry, we are delighted to be involved in such a successful event again this year. 

Our Digital Maturity and Sustainability Leadership Programme - An Applied Industry 5.0 Training and Awareness programme for manufacturing site extended leadership teams, has been shortlisted for this year's Pharma Education & Training Award. Utilizing a comprehensive Industry 5.0 Diagnostic Assessment Tool, this leadership programme provides the opportunity for management teams to participate in uniquely practical, hands-on training specifically designed to support your organisational strategy for Digital Transformation and Sustainability.

Encompassing all areas of site operations and sustainability, participants in this training will benchmark their facility’s current state, and identify best practice exemplars and areas of opportunity. This enables the development of a data-rich strategic roadmap, that considers the unique technological and organisational direction.


The core aim of this programme is to empower participants to understand what Digital Maturity and Sustainability are within the context of their organisation and to contribute and make meaningful value-adding transformative improvements.

The programme’s immersive approach, consisting of focused client/Innopharma sessions, facilitates rich discussion and enables practical hands-on learning. These sessions encourage introspective in-company analysis, based on rich factual data. The process develops an understanding of where you are today and where you aspire to be in the future, facilitating the creation of goals and plans, and developing impactful transformation projects while achieving the greatest value from effort.


The programme has a proven track record of developing organisational capability in the following key strategic areas:

  • Empowering company leaders and leading subject matter experts (up to 30 people) with a comprehensive understanding and awareness of Industry 5.0 in the context of their own organisation’s self-assessment
  • Equipping team members to proactively input to site Industry 5.0 transformation strategy and roadmaps
  • Gain data-rich insights from a facilitated digital transformation self-assessment against 10 specific areas across the primary value chain, secondary value chain and sustainability.
  • Identify a baseline score against 70 Industry 5.0 concepts and technologies and set a target score for future improvement initiatives
  • Identify a benchmark score against other life science companies
  • Produce practical recommendations where initial transformation projects should focus
  • Provide foundational inputs into developing a digital transformation roadmap to improve competitiveness and sustainability

The Partnership Alliance of the Year Award

Following on from previous years, we are proud to be sponsoring the Partnership Alliance of the Year Award. This award will recognise innovative collaborations in the Pharma Industry. We would like to wish all those shortlisted for the award the best of luck!   

We wish good luck to all the finalists and look forward to a great night ahead celebrating Pharma.

Pharma Education & Training Award
Gareth Clarke

Dr Gareth Clarke

Head of Data Science & Analytics 

Dr Gareth is Head of Data Science and Analytics at Innopharma, responsible for the design and development of Innopharma’s Digital Maturity and Sustainability Assessment, as well as being part of the team of internal subject matter experts who carry out the assessments. Having previously held a role as Product Manager for Innopharma’s Multieye2, an industrial automation sensor, Gareth also is part of Innopharma’s Education Programme Development team, helping to design, develop and deliver course content up to master’s degree programs on data analytics, industrial automation, digitalisation and digital transformation. Awarded a PhD in Clinical Medicine by Trinity College Dublin, his expertise includes nanomaterial and crystal synthesis and characterisation, spectroscopy and chemometrics, crystal structure analysis and refinement, nonlinear optics, colloidal stabilisation, antibody functionalisation, biomedical targeting, cell culturing, automated high-content image analysis, and data modelling.


Sean Costello

Dr Sean Costello 


Sean leads the Technology Division of Innopharma, applying Industry 5.0 solutions to pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. He is responsible for Innopharma’s R&D programme. Sean sits on the Technology Advisory Committee for the Enterprise Ireland/IDA Technology Centre for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions, PMTC and is involved in the SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals, SSPC. Prior to Innopharma, Sean was a founder of Medical Device company and University spin-out SlidePath, subsequently acquired by Leica Biosystems, which developed cloud-enabled AI-driven diagnostic decision support and automated workflow solutions for clinical histopathology, pharma drug discovery and drug safety. Sean holds a PhD in Pathology Imaging and Medical Informatics and a BSc in Biotechnology.



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